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Welcome to the Online the Dictionary of Playground Slang (ODPS)

The ODPS started life as a short list of words used by kids in school to describe their world. Over time it has, like Topsy, just growed and growed. and is currently carrying around 3,350 terms. Originally it also carried descriptions of games and the rules for playing them, and the songs and chants kids pass down through the generations. It soon Became clear that this was a source of confusion, so each is now in it's own dictionary having 271 in the 'Game' section and 260 in 'Songs & Chants'.

Of course, an adjunct to school, is the world of the baby so we started collecting Nursery Rhymes and now have 242 with many more to add. We are also going to use Iona Opie's seminal book on Nursery Rhymes as a resource to 'flesh out' each entry, but this is a 'work in progress'.

Another 'work in progress is the inclusion of Robert Scott's Dictionary of Gay Slang. Why? Well nothing is simple, but basically life is a dynamic process and we seem to be changing direction slightly. Obviously we have always carried slang, but we were receiving increasing numbers of words that seemed to be more sourced from 'playgrounds' of a more adult orientation and this has led to the slowly progressing inclusion of words not necessarily used by children. Such is life.

The ODPS is destined to grow and move on. We hope our visitors and readers will help us along the path and make sure we are going in the 'right' direction whatever that may be. To this end, we have added 'forums' and 'slang news' etc which we hope will be a resource in their own right. Where the site will end up is currently anyone's guess, but wherever we go, it's an interesting journey!