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The ODPS is dedicated to the preservation of oral ephemera… o.k we collect words! Not ordinary everyday English words, but slang, suddenly created, used and discarded words with changing meanings and use.

With ‘schoolyard slang’ are ‘schoolyard games’ (and rules); songs; chants; nursery rhymes; tongue twisters; rugby songs; and now gay slang. Each has it’s own space, is indexed, and awaits more words to keep them company!

History needs you to send your memories in before they are lost forever… and what a tragedy *that* would be… maybe?

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1. Playground Slang 3,603 terms

2. Ghastly Games 281 terms (updated)

3. Buzzwords 35 terms

4. Hymns & Arias 278 terms

5. Songs & Rhymes 300 terms

6. Gay Slang 2,934 terms

7. Tongue Twisters 106 terms

8. Nursery Rhymes 244 terms